The Croc Tent

The Cape York souvenir business now known as the Croc Tent first opened on the banks of the Wenlock River in 1984. Traveling around the Cape in the early 80′s was a very different adventure to the modern standard, single lane tracks that took days to travel are now a short detour from the Peninsula Development Road “highway.” The tourist season was much shorter as keen adventurers waited for the wet season water to recede, and even then waterways like the mighty Jardine River had people resorting to building rafts to float their vehicles across until late in the dry season.

In 1988 the business moved to it’s current location only 17 kilometres from the top of Australia, and the shop has been helping travelers get the most of the area ever since.

The Croc Tent is renowned as a meeting place. At the junction of the Punsand Bay and Pajinka  roads, it is an ideal place to group and launch out on the last leg of the journey north.

The road conditions vary enormously. A sandy patch can change from wet and boggy, to smooth and firm, then to dry and soft in only a matter of days. And what a difference a fallen rainforest tree can make. We chat with people on the road every day and keep abreast of the latest conditions. Come and get our exclusive free map of the local area, and talk to us about the sights to see and how best to get there. You might have a GPS, map or travelers guide, but there is no substitute for up to date local knowledge.

And now that you’ve made it to the end of the road, celebrate your achievements with something from our huge range of souvenirs. Whether for yourself or your friends and family, there’s something to suit. We have over fifty exclusive Cape York clothing products in a full range of sizes, and over 500 souvenir products including Cape York stubby coolers, signs, toys, even spoons for nanna!

\The Croc Tent

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