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The Owners

We, Dale and Lea, left Brisbane city in 2010 in search of a change of pace from our chosen professions. Our destination was the famous Croc Tent in Lockerbie, Cape York.

The Croc Tent had previously operated under a few different names since it was first opened as “The Croc Shop” by Cape York pioneer Linda Rowe in 1984. After changing hands and names a few times, more recently Lea’s parents Terry and Davida bought the Croc Tent in 2004 following their own Cape York adventure having completed an epic trip on foot, from Coen Airport to “the tip of Australia.”

In 2010 we were presented with an opportunity to take over the running of the Croc Tent as managers, which Lea volunteered us for on the spot knowing that I would surely be interested. Having visited the shop during peak tourist season while Terry and Davida were running the shop we had a reasonable idea of what we were in for, but we were a little nervous when we found out that Terry and Davida intended on sending us to setup alone!

And so armed with a handful of notes, diagrams and pictures, we arrived in April 2010 to begin the setup for the impending season. We learned very early on that Cape York can be a cruel mistress throwing challenge after challenge at us and began a steep learning curve with respect to bush mechanics and remedies.

We initially committed to 2 seasons at the shop whether we liked it not, but like so many before us we were captured by Cape York’s beauty, mystery, history and adventure.
After 4 seasons we decided that we wanted to continue our Cape York adventure with our 2 young boys Jaxon and Benji and decided to purchase the Croc Tent from Terry and Davida and begin the 2014 season as the newest owners of the Croc Tent.

In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of the Croc Tent operating as a family owned business, and we are pleased to continue sharing that experience and knowledge with our customers. With our famous exclusive local maps, we will help you to plan your time in our local area to ensure that you get the most out of your time in the spectacular Northern Peninsula Area.

We’ll help those looking for extra adventure find the best tracks and fishing and camping spots, and we’ll also help the more conservative drivers on the right tracks to avoid costly damage and delay!


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